At PDP Accounting Services people are everything to us, and numbers are just what we do to help you to thrive. So when you decide to knock on our door, this is who you can expect to meet:

Perry De Pasquale, Principal

A Fellow of the National Tax & Accountants Association Ltd, Perry has worked in the related fields of accounting and tax for the past 20 years. The first 16 of these were as a partner in an accounting firm, providing him a base from which to launch an independent initiative. PDP Accounting Services, established in 2008, is an exciting community based enterprise of which he is currently the Principal.

Perry sees that the strengths of PDP Accounting Services lie in its expertise with small to medium sized businesses. But it doesn’t end there. The co-ordination of self managed super funds is another offering PDP Accounting Services has specialised in, achieving outstanding results for its clients.

In fact, there aren’t many things Perry can’t do when it comes to matters commercial and financial. Admittedly, for a service-based enterprise, the question of ‘what’ can sometimes be less important than the matter of ‘how’. And if there’s one quality of PDP Accounting Services that really impresses, a quality Perry views as the hallmark of his practice, it’s the “people-factor”. At PDP Accounting Services the staff engages with clients on a personal level to produce outcomes satisfying on all levels.

Perry is a family man with a wife and two beautiful children. He has lived all his life in Sydney’s inner-west, and is committed to giving back to the community that sustains him. A longstanding member of the Leichhardt and Annandale Business Chamber, where he has served as Treasurer for the past 3 years, Perry’s burning ambition is to help transform the local business landscape into a thriving co-operative enterprise.