Individual Tax Returns:

Most people pay more tax than they really need to. Why? For the simple reason that they don’t know the range of deductions and rebates that are available. PDP Accounting Services makes sure you don’t miss out.

Secondly, for most, the tax return is an unpleasant duty they have to perform sometime around the middle of the year, and they do what it takes to get it out of the way. In fact, taxation is an ongoing reality in everyone’s life, and if you want to minimise your payments and maximise your returns, you really need a tax plan and a long term tax strategy.

You can’t do these things on your own. Not properly. You need to put yourself in the hands of a professional you can trust.

Company Tax Returns:

PDP Accounting Services understands that every business is structured differently, so no two solutions can be the same. That’s why each year we revisit our client’s structure and situation to be 100% sure that the business is paying the least amount of Tax Possible, and deriving the maximum benefit.

Partnership Tax Returns:

Most accountants are willing to prepare a partnership tax return as part of their standard offering, but there’s a big difference between getting a job done and doing it well. Beware! Partnerships present specific difficulties that only an experienced accountant will anticipate and efficiently resolve. PDP Accounting Services has the experience and the resulting expertise to make our services a genuine value-add to any partnership.

Trust Tax Returns:

Trust tax returns are a complicated process. The ATO frankly admitted in 2012 that ” there is a lot happening in relation to trust taxation in terms of both legislation and ATO activity.” With more changes forecast to such things as the “streaming of trust capital gains and franked distributions for trust purposes”, and the promise of a “review and rewrite of the trust assessing provisions” over the next few years, it will pay you to keep your ear to the ground. So, when choosing an accountant to assist with your Trust Tax Returns, make sure you choose one who knows what is current. At PDP Accounting Services we insist on being up-to-the-minute with all the changes in the legislation, ensuring our clients get the best advice anyone can give.

Self Managed Superannuation Tax Returns:

Are you aware that your SMSF annual return now comprises your income tax reporting, regulatory reporting and member contributions reporting? More importantly, is your accountant aware of these changes?

PDP Accounting Services has proven expertise in the area of SMSFs. With a wealth of experience under our belts and the latest information at our fingertips, we’re ready to deliver the quality of life you’ve planned for your retirement.

Book Keeping Services:

Bookkeeping is a burden most business owners would rather not have to carry. So shift the load to us. The time we can save you will more than justify the minimal cost of your investment. With PDP Accounting Services taking care of your books, a thankless task becomes a useful tool that improves the results you get from your business. Now that’s service!


The vast majority of business owners and other professionals are looking to protect the assets they have accumulated, now and into the future. And why wouldn’t they? PDP Accounting Services has the experience and the expertise to give the advice you need. We put in place for you the right products and structures, affording maximum protection to your most valuable assets.


Timing and precision are critical when it comes to the Audit. PDP Accounting Services will provide you with both, a clearly defined and cost effective audit, conducted on a timely basis. Whatever your company’s size or kind, whether an ASX listed giant or a local Medical Practice, our guarantee of quality service doesn’t change. The result is the same – outstanding.


PDP Accounting Services offers Finance Solutions to assist with funding business development and property investment. Our highly qualified and widely experienced staff can structure a package that builds in security and asset protection, to minimise your interest costs and potential liability.

Litigation Support:

Every now and then the unexpected happens. But that doesn’t have to be a problem, not when PDP Accounting Services is on the team. Whether it’s a business valuation to keep the bank happy, maybe a shareholder agreement provision or a valuation due to litigation proceedings, no worries, we’ll get you sorted. We have a wealth of experience in supplying the report you need.

Budget Forecasting:

Many small businesses crash, or at least go backwards, for the simple reason that they’ve failed to make a budget forecast. PDP Accounting Services will get your business on track by helping you to set financial goals, and then sequencing the steps you need to take to achieve them. So take control of your cash flow, before it takes control of you. With PDP Accounting Services on board, desirable becomes achievable.

PDP Accounting Services: Professionals Delivering Peace-of-mind